I like to write hindi poems.I am an M.A. English but I am too much intrested in Hindi litrature . It s my passion to write poems . Please share your feedback and views with me through email. sonukumargujar@gmail.com Thank you. I love my hater and Competitor both because they thought me a lot. A warm thanks for likers.

चलो भाई लङकी वाली प्रोफाइल बनाएँ। क्या पता लाईक मिल जाएँ।

Freedom is the thing that gives you a right to do many things but not any thing.
We should not try to search loopholes in our freedom.
Our parents, our company, our country and our relatives give us freedom but we should take use of it very wisely because without freedom we even can't survive.
So I love my #Freedom .

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जीत की खुशी कैसे मनाऊं? दिल्ली का हाल देखा है।

Good Morning

Any Bigg Boss fan ?

Rashmi and Devileena should fight for theirself but they want to be great.
They want to save mahira first and then Shefali.
Bcos they are sure we are foolish enough to save them through vote.
How arrogant?

Extremely happy today.

पीओके सी हो गई है ख्वाहिशें मेरी समझ नहीं आता यह कैसी स्वछंद हैं ?

कहने को मैं भी कह दूं सारी रामायण महाभारत

एक बार रूठने से कोई मामा के घर जाना थोड़ी छोड़ता है ?
#Chanda mama
# c u soon